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Note: Remember that before you proceed with the payment you must have received previous authorization by one of our assistants.

To book your appointment you must make a deposit of $500 USD. This amount will be credited to your account and you will only need to pay the remaining balance on the day of your appointment.

Available days and times for the procedure are Monday to Friday at 7:00AM and 1:00PM.



The proposal is to make the veneers assembly in highly aesthetic material (80% of its content is porcelain and 20% composite), which present high resistance to masticatory impact without wearing down the teeth, thus conserving them completely intact. This procedure has a 6 hour length, since it’s a procedure which can be done in a single day, it allows for highly aesthetical results, achieving whiter, slightly longer and perfectly aligned teeth, giving a more radiant, beautiful smile.

Their high resilience is due to its composition, which comprises 80% ceramic; this in turn, allows for a greater masticatory resistance, allowing for high quality results. its maintenance should be realized at least yearly, which can be done by any dentist, since the same disks used to polish, are used for removal of possible stains, result of alimentary habits. This procedure lasts 6 to 8 years average, depending on the care of each patient, the sheets allow for simple removal of accumulated food, using dental floss and toothbrush, with no need for additional hygiene techniques.

The patient should avoid excessively hard foods such as bones, or trying to pop open a bottle with the teeth. Without diminishing the possible benefits of cosmetic surgery, before and after a liposuction, breast or buttock augmentation; its visibility is highly depend on the wardrobe of the patient, while the before and after of this procedure is more notorious, aesthetically speaking, since it does not depend on clothing; it will stand out, with or without clothes, in the morning or underwater


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